Married life of 15 year old girl

15-year-old girl Sana is waiting for her newly married husband sitting at home. His throat is dry with fear. Sana heard this from her elder sister that her family got married to the man whose hand was not cut to kill the person who was bullied all day. The girl is wearing a red tuktuk saree. Sweating in this winter. Then he heard someone’s feet. He sat with his arms and legs folded. Hearing the sound of the door slamming, he grabbed his saree.

  • Why are you sitting like this?

Sana looked up at the man’s serious masculine voice. Yet no sound comes out of the mouth. Safwan gets bored without seeing Sana saying anything.

  • Can’t you hear what this girl is saying?

Sana jumped down from the bed scared by Safoyan’s screams. While getting down from the bed like this, she hit the table next to her feet. He screamed in pain. Sana started to swing her feet and then the veil came off her head. Even minor injuries can cause a lot of pain in winter. Safowan looks surprised to see Sana. Sana is crying in pain. A lot of people are afraid of pain.

  • How old is this girl? I will throw out my teeth by slapping the north side?
  • I will be 15 on the 10th.

Safwan is looking at Sana’s answer. Sana is standing with her head down in fear

  • I can’t believe you’re 15. How could a 15-year-old girl agree to marry a man so much older than herself? Or does my age not matter to you and your family after seeing my money?

As soon as Saphone’s words reached Sana’s ears, the girl looked up Safwan is watching with round eyes. This way Safwan cannot insult him and his family. Safwan is very angry. Is such a child married to him? He is very angry with his mother and father. I want to destroy everything. On the one hand, his love left him and married someone else. And his parents falsely married another minor. A 15-year-old girl was pressed on her back with a 19-year-old ball?

  • You can’t insult me like this. I did not marry a buira raxs like you of my own will. Would a girl like me want to marry you? And my marriage age? Ai Rina Khan Marka aunty scared my parents and got me married to you.
  • Where did this girl dare to talk so much? Keep quiet or I will do anything to you.

In Sapphoan anger, Hitahita Jnana is empty. Meanwhile, Sana is unable to stand in fear. She is struggling to handle the heavy saree on her. Sana is very sleepy because of Safwan she can’t even sleep. Safwan left the room again. As Safowan left, he survived the attack.

  • Raks saytan kohankar. He rubbed neem leaves on his face.

Sana fell asleep to scold Safoyan. Sana fell asleep as soon as she went to bed after a lot of stress on the girl.

Safwan sits on the roof drinking alcohol and smoking a cigarette. How does this accept that his wife is a baby girl? Why did his mother do this to him?

Safwan entered the room around 3 pm. He looked at the bed and saw a beautiful girl sleeping. The sari is up on her knees because the girl is sleeping inside out. Fair legs are visible. Saree Achal is eating on one side of the bed. Safwan is slowly walking towards Sana after blocking the door. He got up on the bed and looked at Sana through the glass with one hand. Sleeping Sana looks very beautiful to Safoan. Safoan is very well consumed by Ne*sha. He is forgetting that his wife is a teenager of 15 years. Sana opens her eyes as she is having trouble breathing in her sleep He gets scared seeing Safwan on him. He can’t even shout for Safwan. After almost a long time, Safoan is teasing Sana. Sana still can’t believe what happened to her.
Safoyan caught Sana’s two hands in his own. Sana said to Safoyan in fear.

  • What are you doing? Leave me alone, I’m so scared.
  • Hush hush hush no word.

A foul smell of alcohol is coming from the saphone Sana is not stupid, she understands exactly what Safwan wants to do with her. But Sana is not ready for all this. He started crying out of fear. Requested Safwan to release him. Sana’s voice does not reach Safwan’s ears.

On the other hand, Safwan’s parents are talking among themselves.

  • You didn’t do this right, Lima. It is not appropriate for Safwan to marry such a girl. Can you imagine what will happen to Safowan if it is a police case? What will happen if the leader Safoyan’s wife is a minor now that the election is ahead?
  • Don’t worry Dur Shihab. His birth certificate from Sana’a school changed his age to 19. No one will know anything.
  • And Safoan? We don’t know how he will react after knowing the truth. How did you forget what things?
  • Shihab I know very well how to break a snake’s venom. And he is my child, I can handle everything. Why did I make Sana the wife of Safoan, surely it is not unknown to you?
  • You know your plan well, Lima. Did I understand you until today?

Lima gave a mysterious smile to Mr. Shihab’s words.

  • Good night Shihab, the rest will be discussed tomorrow Now sleep and your dear niece is not mine either He will not be harmed.
  • That’s good, you know what Sana is for me? You can understand if something happens to him good night Safoyan turns to the other side leaving Sana and is fast asleep. Tears are falling from Sana’s eyes. How quiet is the girl? Sana also fell asleep while crying

Even the favorite clothes lose their acceptability one day and end up in the scrap book. One day we forget those who were on the top of the list of favorites.
We throw the person who once heard the story of our upset into extreme neglect. The reason for our good mood is one time we make it beautiful in the list of annoyance.
People make loved ones according to their needs. Again, change the list of preferences as needed. It is absolutely foolish to think that because I am high on someone’s wish list today, he will give me the same importance tomorrow.
Some people give themselves like fools and share all the sorrows of others. And in due course only neglect and contempt are received. At the end of the day, people who change relationships like seasons smile contentedly with someone else or in another relationship. Only stupid people who value love and friendship die.
The friend who is the first to run into danger when self-interest is lost must also be the most neglected person in the circle of friends. The person who gives up everything for love becomes a dead money. Some do not make you dear for friendship or love, some come in life only for interest and give us the greatest lesson of life. Learning to know people.

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